Little Ways You Can Find Rest

In the relentless hustle and bustle of modern living, many of us have lost the essential rhythm between work and rest. Our culture today incessantly fancies action and accomplishment over rest—that doing something, anything—is better than doing nothing. Because of this humanly desire to succeed and meet the ever-growing expectations, many do not want rest. As a result, many lose their way. Left to their own devices, tangled mess of fears, cares, and anxieties.

Poisoned by this hypocritical belief that good things come to those with tireless effort and unceasing determination, no one can ever truly rest. Unless we learn how to find rest in mind, body, and soul.

It’s easy to make rest complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few ideas to achieve idleness.

Take a Day Off

It’s hard to find downtime, but it’s necessary to keep us going. Be it a week, a month, or an entire summer break—if you’re feeling close to burnout, then take a season. You won’t regret it. Ask religious leaders, corporate leaders, and philosophers; they’ll tell you the same thing: concentrated rest is essential. Of course, most of us can’t afford more than a day completely away from our responsibilities. There are just too many things to get done, too many demands, too many bills, and too much urgency. Unfortunately, this hectic pace is causing damage quality of life.

Even if we run faster and work harder in this results-oriented world, it’ll only make us fall further behind. But we could be wise and reclaim the practice of resting. And as we take time from our busy schedule, we can be still, silent, present, and allow Him to work in us.

Call to Him During Sleepless Nights

The Bible talks a great deal about our need for rest. You see, God made resting for our benefit: to restore us. However, if we want deep, enduring, true ease, we must learn to come to Jesus Christ. The Lord said, in Matthew 11:28-29, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Hence, rest that doesn’t include Jesus Christ doesn’t touch your soul.

With Christ, then can we enter the ease that God promised to His people. According to author Lynn Roberson in her book Hearts-Ease, God is the true source of easing hearts and finding the rest for souls. We won’t find it in things like films and movies. Open your eyes to a different kind of rest in God.

Find the Things that Gives You Rest

It goes without saying; we spend so much time caring for other people and the expectations laden on our shoulders that we forget that we need to rest as well. When we pour out of an empty cup for too long, we’ll find ourselves burnt out. But if you’re worried about not filling your cup today, there are purposeful things you can do that still give you ease.

This will look different for everybody. It’s important to remember that if something is restful to one person, it might not be for another. Essentially, the rest we find in God is not always about a time of relaxation. It can be a time of activity and work. So have a good look at the cups that need to be filled: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. How did God create you to rest? Maybe it’s to sit down and reflect on life. Maybe it’s to curl up and read a book uninterrupted.

Say Goodbye to Time Wasters

Scrolling through your social media doesn’t equate to rest. Recognize how social media can devour an hour or two in a heartbeat, so can couponing, running groceries, and many other things. The modern world is fast-paced and time often slips by with us barely noticing. It’s for that reason that we mustn’t spend time or attention on frivolous things.

While they can be easing for most of us, these good things aren’t good anymore if they distract you from the eternal things God called us. So weed out the time-wasters in your life.

All in all, when our soul is rested, our physical body can rest. And when the soul is well-rested, our whole being is at rest.


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