Five Ways to Stay Hopeful

Growing weary is the consequence of many experiences, none of them bad but all of them exhausting. To name just a few: we can be tired of waiting, studying, fighting the enemy, or the criticism. The longer weariness lingers, the more you face the danger of that condition strangling your hope, motivation, spark, and optimism. Hence, we bring this post to remove jaded feelings and stay hopeful.

Hope can be one of the hardest things to discover, but it is vital to hold onto when the going gets tough. However, this doesn’t come from external factors. Like gratitude, it can be nurtured and strengthened and sustained, so that even under the direst circumstances, it can keep us moving forward. Hope is what moves us from passivity to action.

Here’s how to regain a sense of hope and optimism about your life.

Pause and Reflect

Life can be crazy. There’s always work coming in and piling up, deadlines to be met and errands to run. Those busy, stressful days is briskly turning into overwhelm. You begin to feel like you’ll never crawl your way out of the hole you’re in. You’re not sure life will ever get better than this. And if you’re not careful enough, it’s easy to go into a frenzy draining you to the core. Hope begins to fade. Therefore, it’s important to not only slow down, but to take a pit stop to pause and reflect before continuing with the journey ahead.

Rely on Faith

Some days just run you down. Work is stressful. Your colleagues are wearing you down your last nerve. You just burned dinner. The house is a mess. And that’s only a few. The days when no amount of coffee to boost your energy to the level you need. The days when you don’t seem to be making any progress. The days you need to find hope in God because you’ve run out of it on your own.

If you’re feeling weary today, hold fast hope and cling to God’s promises. This is not how it will always be. With God, you’ll never be without hope. Even if days continue to overwhelm and exhaust you, God is by your side nourishing you every step of the way. Anything is possible with Him.

Feed Your Brain and Heart

Search for inspiration. You’ll find it in droves, in inspiring movies and books, and everyday lives of some people around us. Try reading Lynn Roberson’s book on soul healing, great hope, and great promise, Hearts-Ease. The power of her hopeful words is insurmountable, easing your heart and finding rest for your soul. Find materials that makes you feel good, fills you with happiness, energy, and hope. Indulge in them. Fill your brain and heart with what makes you feel great.

Fuel Positivity

Life is never easy, even for people you think seem to have everything. However, being hopeful is being positive, and vice versa. When disappointment knocks, hope should open the door. People who are fueled by positivity are not easily weighed down by failures. Therefore, make your life a quest, a search for deeper meaning and purpose. It may take time to find the positive but it eventually makes you start counting your blessings—things you overlook when you only focus on what is not going right in your life.

If you try to be hopeful and find that it’s just too difficult right now, interrogate and try to reframe those negative thought patterns.

Find Your Silver Lining

The last and most powerful way to keep hope is to find silver linings within painful or arduous situations. Whether it be a lesson to learn or a life experience to grow from can be empowering and instill hope. Find your peace amid the chaos. Having the ability to take away something positive from something tough offers a way to have closure and move forward in life. Though you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to be productive or happy if you’re not, finding a glimmer of hope can greatly benefit you.

In essence, hope is underestimated in life, yet it’s so necessary in order to combat stress, push through grief, and push yourself to new limits. So when it gets tough, finding even a glimmer of hope can renew your weary soul. Discovering this can refocus your mindset to positivity and allow you to move forward.


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